Our People

Our People

Eason employs over 600 people in the Republic of Ireland, offering an exciting, challenging and diverse working environment. We aim to be a leading retail employer, continually innovating and developing new and exciting ways to engage and support our team. Engaging and developing our People is key to inspiring and engaging our customers and delivering on our strategy. Our engagement with our employees is based on our Vision, Mission and Values which was co-created by our People. Read more about our vision, mission and values.

Joining Our Team

Beginning a career with Eason means joining a team committed to inspiring and engaging Customers and constantly striving to deliver on our values. We recruit people who have drive, determination and a passion for what we do. We offer flexible working arrangements where possible across our business, seek to reward for performance and ensure our benefits are competitive. We foster a collaborative and supportive culture based on teamwork, respect, integrity, excellence, inspiration and a strong customer focus, regardless of what area of the Company they are working in. Eason aims to attract and retain the best talent in the retail sector by offering our People opportunities to develop as individuals and in their careers.

We believe nurturing talent, encouraging, recognising and rewarding good performance, and engaging with our People, is key to us delivering on our strategy. We are committed to providing our People with strong support structures and a working environment that enables employees to reach their full potential. With a wide range of diverse and exciting roles in Eason, our People have an opportunity to progress and advance their careers, as well as tailoring career paths best suited to their skills. If you’re interested in a career in Eason contact: hr@Easons.com or see our current vacancies.

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