Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our strategy and business is centered around our Vision, Mission and Values which were co-created by Eason colleagues from across our business in 2015.

Our Vision: Inspiring and Engaging minds of all ages

Our Mission: To build life-long relationships with our customers, celebrating their passions through an exciting, inspirational shopping experience and unrivaled product range

Our Values:

    • Living the Value
      • Optimism •
      • Open Minded
      • Flexibility •
      • Change
      • Adaptability •
      • Inspiring
      • Goal Setting •
      • Innovation
      • Creativity


    We have the courage and inspiration to continuously innovate, improve and make new things happen... fast!

    We like to think big and outside the box and will constantly look for new ways to inspire our customers as well as each other

    As we do new things, we accept that we will have both successes and failures and will stay open-minded, rise to every challenge and never settle for complacency.

    • Living the Value
      • Determination •
      • Leadership
      • Efficiency •
      • Pride
      • High Standards •
      • Consistency
      • Knowledge
      • Capability
      • Decisiveness


    In every aspect of our business we show commitment and enthusiasm for delivering the best possible service, products, standards and results to our customers, our colleagues, our business partners and our company.

    We approach every task with energy and passion and constantly seek to exceed expectations.

    We act decisively and efficiently and actively contribute to the performance and development of our company.

    • Living the Value
      • Friendliness •
      • Great Service
      • Passion •
      • Knowledge
      • Enthusiasm •
      • Improvement
      • Learning •
      • Listening •
      • Loyalty

    Customer Focus

    We work hard to earn the loyalty and trust of our customers and maintains Easons's iconic status by continuing to build customer relationships that last a lifetime

    We do this by being the destination for the best customer and retial experience, providing the best possible service, experience and product range to all our customers.

    We are passionate about understanding our client's needs and interests and relentless in our determination to surpass their expectations.  

      • Living the Value
        • Trust •
        • Communication
        • Support •
        • Collaboration
        • Empathy •
        • Humility
        • Leadership •


    We are all ambassadors for the Eason brand working towards a common purpose and shared goals, through teamwork, collaboration, communication and mutual trust.


    • Living the Value
      • Ethics •
      • Community Reach
      • Accountability •
      • Respecting the brand •
      • Honesty •
      • Openness •
      • Trust


    We always act with openness and integrity and understand we have a duty of care to our colleagues and the Eason Brand.

    We take pride in our work and demonstrate personal responsibility for delivering on our objectives.

    We offer our colleagues help if we believe they need it and are not afraid to ask other for help.  

      • Living the Value
        • Nurturing, Good Communication,
        • Appreciation, Opportunities to grow,
        • Showing Respect, Earning Respect


    We always show respect for one another and are considerate and supportive of each other's roles and responsibilities within Eason

    We build trust with our colleagues and seek to energize, encourage and motivate each other by recognizing a job well done.