Learning and development programs

Eason Future Management Programme

At Eason, we are focused on identifying leadership potential within our talent base. Our internal programmes and L&D initiatives support this critical organisational objective. In partnership with Retail Ireland, Skillnet and Letterkenny Institute of Technology, we offer a select number of store-based staff (Supervisor level upwards) the opportunity to pursue a third-level degree in Retail Management practice. This 3-year degree is fully sponsored by Eason.

LV8 Programme

Learning & development encompasses all employees here at Eason. To identify and define learning needs for each individual member of staff, whether store, office or warehouse based, we have developed ‘LV8’. LV8 (‘Elevate’) is the name given to effective ‘Personal Development Planning’ (PDP) at Eason.
LV8 is a cyclical and continuous process which runs across a 12 month cycle and focuses on the individual training needs of our people for improvement in their current role. LV8 also focuses on learnings required for progression to their next role within Eason.

Retail Ireland Skillnet Programme

Retail Ireland Skillnet (RIS) is Ireland’s leading body for retail education and training. RIS has been developed to address the retail education and training needs of those operating in the retail sector. Eason has been partnering with Retail Ireland Skillnet since 2012 to offer a range of occupational qualifications at Level 5 and level 6 on the framework of qualifications (ROI) and NVQ-2 (NI) suitable for operational level employees including Retail Customer Service, Retail Communications, Retail Selling Skills, Retail Security, Retail Merchandising, Safety and Health at Work, Work Experience and Personal Effectiveness.

Eason My Horizons

Launched in 2016, “My Horizons” is our internal staff development programme that aims to enable our people to grow and develop within the business through tailored progression plans.

This “win-win” framework supports aspiring staff to progress by providing requisite hard/soft skill and knowledge through a blend of traditional and contemporary methodologies (Work Based Learning, e-learning) as well as providing Eason with a succession tool to ensure availability of trained staff to move seamlessly into positions when available. Please review this short video on My Horizons:

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